Anzuelo Simple Mustad Octopus Hook // 6/0, 4/0, 3/0

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The Mustad 1X Strong Wire Octopus Hook is perfect for natural bait presentation in saltwater . The strong hook features perfect penetration and holding capacity . Use it to target bass, snapper, reef fish like Tautog, and other species in the wrasses family. Ideal for baiting with sardines, crabs, mackerel, sardines or squid. The upturned eye makes it ideal for the Snell knot for a perfect straight bait presentation. The hook features an inverted hook point to improve hooking .

Characteristics of MUSTAD OCTOPUS HOOK:

  • Tip: inverted needle.
  • Wire Diameter / Strength: 1 extra strong
  • Misc: Forged
  • Hook eye: tapered ring.
  • Hook finish: black nickel.

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