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Description of the Ajing PACK:

This pack is the perfect combo for Ajing lovers ! GET THE PERFECT EQUIPMENT TO GET THE FISH OF YOUR DREAMS. It contains all the necessary equipment to succeed in your fishing trips in rivers, lakes or swamps.

This pack includes:

Major Craft New Crosstage Ajing Rod Description:

Major Craft's range of New Crostage Ajing rods has been designed and manufactured for fishermen of horse mackerel, horse mackerel and other small and medium-sized fish that roam our coasts.

Thank you to your Ultra-light actions , will allow us to easily launch and move super light lures such as small jigs and vinyls, whether they are leaded or unleaded.

Major Craft in their New Crostage Ajing range assembled Fuji K Alconite guides and Crossforce reinforcement in the heel, which offers peace of mind and comfort in all our captures.

Major Craft New Crosstage Ajing Rod Features:

Model Length Action Line Type of action Weight stretches rings Number of Rings
CRX-T732AJI 2.21m 0.6-10g 0.1-0.6 Fast 73g 2 Alconite Tip G + 7

Description of the DAIWA EXCELER LT 2020 REEL

The Exceler LT 2020 range of reels inherits the LT concept with an exceptional weight/power ratio. The body and rotor are made of Zaion V carbon; new material, more rigid and resistant. The rotor features a hollow aluminum Air Bail pick-up bow. Its crank bolted directly to the frame has been lightened to accentuate the smoothness of rotation. The ATD brake is progressive and powerful thanks to a larger contact surface. The Tough Digigear control wheel offers unique spinning power and maximizes reel life.

  • Brake with ATD technology, full-size brake button
  • Bearings: 5 + 1
  • Zaion V carbon frame and rotor
  • Aluminum Air Spool Coil
  • Winding by crossed turns
  • Air Handle threaded aluminum monobloc crank, ultra light

Characteristics of the DAIWA EXCELER LT 2020 REEL

Model Fist Ratio (/1) TMV Weight Nylon Braided Brake
1000 XH Yo 6.2 77cm 180g 0.14mm-150m 0.05mm-200m 5kg
2000 XH Yo 6.2 81cm 185g 0.16mm-150m 0.06mm-200m 5kg
2500 you 5.3 75cm 205g 0.20mm-150m 0.10mm-200m 10kg
2500 XH you 6.2 87cm 205g 0.20mm-150m 0.10mm-200m 10kg
3000 CXH you 6.2 93cm 210g 0.23mm-150m 0.13mm-200m 10kg
4000 CXH you 6.2 99cm 235g 0.28mm-150m 0.18mm-200m 12kg
5000 CXH you 6.2 105cm 245g 0.37mm-150m 0.20mm-300m 12kg
6000H you 5.7 101cm 325g 0.40mm-150m 0.22mm-300m 12kg

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