Paddletail Hart Manolo & Co // 6.5cm, 10cm, 12cm



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Description of the Pez Hart Manolo & Co lure:

Hart Manolo & Co fish, simple and effective lure for use in linear and continuous retrievals. Its attractive tail-shovel movement will be enough to attract prey in any setting. Shad type vinyl, paddle tail, and a lead head with a simple hook. In the upper part of the lead head it has two inserts, in which two little fish are placed, which also emit their own movement, are placed by means of a thread. Effective lure for black bass and pike fishing, especially in Freshwater.

Characteristics of the Pez Hart Manolo & Co lure:

Length Head Weight Overall Weight Minnow Length
65mm 9g 12g 40mm
120mm 14.3g 35g 50mm

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