Señuelo Paseante Superficie Jumprize Popopen // 75mm, 95mm / 11.5g, 16g

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Description of PopOpen:

The Popopen is a Jumprize surface walker for spinning fishing that stands out for how easy it is to achieve the typical action in zetas or walking the dog with it, and for the distances that we are capable of reaching thanks to its aerodynamic shape and its 16g weight...

The Popopen is a walker with very easy animation with which we can alternate both walking the dog with closed zetas at medium speed and sliding making wide zetas at lower speed. It is also a lure that allows us to submerge it easily and maintain that movement in underwater zests (diving) simply by lowering the tip of the rod in action.

The Popopen is designed with a slim ABS body that gives it great strength to hold big fish as well. It comes rigged with #4 Jumprize MMH hooks but its design allows it to still move well with #3 hooks, so Jumprize recommends it for large saltwater fish.

Its design is designed to give you a fluid movement that is easy to achieve. In addition, its aerodynamic shape helps us to reach long distances in casts, which can make the difference between having or not having bites.

Like all Jumprize, the Popopen has some colors that impress by the shine of its chrome and the striking of its liveries. A big eye that attracts attention

In summary, we are talking about a walker that allows us to make long hauls , reaching where others cannot and once there, its ability to animate it will allow us to take bites that we would not otherwise get.

PopOpen Features:

Dog walking, diving and skiping.
Dog walking, diving and sliding

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