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Fiiish The Glue description:

Fiiish The Glue is an adhesive specially designed to glue the jig head to the soft plastic lure body. This product has been developed by the French brand Fiiish to increase resistance and improve the action of lures in the water. In addition, you will be able to repair your damaged lures and extend their useful life.

It is an ultra strong glue that dries in seconds , allowing a firm and effective fixation.

The Glue Fiiish is suitable for a wide range of fishing types including freshwater and saltwater fishing , spinning, jigging, fly fishing and kayak fishing. With this adhesive, you will be able to repair your lures and keep them in optimal conditions to obtain the best results in each of these types of fishing.

Its special formulation means that the welds do not crystallize , maintaining the original flexibility of the vinyl that we are repairing. This allows the lure not to harden and not lose its original swimming qualities.

How to use Fiiish The Glue :

To use The Glue Fiiish, make sure the surface of the lure is dry before applying the glue. Then slowly pour the glue over the desired area and allow it to dry for a few seconds. Once it has dried, the hold will be strong and sturdy, ensuring your lure is ready to go.

Content: 10g.

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