Señuelo Minnow Hart Predator X // 12.5cm / 44g



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Hart Predator X Jerkbait Lure Description:

Hart Predator X jerk bait, fast sinking jerk bait with great specific weight and spectacular casting capacity in any situation, even with a headwind. In linear retrievals it has a fairly marked rolling and a perfect grip on the water, even from height, thanks to its balanced internal counterweights and the physiognomy of its powerful bib. Withstands fast jerking, becoming frantic and erratic, but always maintaining composure and stability in the water. Perfect for fishing from rocks on days with a lot of sea or fishing from high places.

Hart Predator X Jerkbait Lure Features:

  • Length: 125mm.
  • Weight: 44g.
  • Fast skinking type.
  • Swimming from 0.8m to 1.5m deep.

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