Bantam BT Spin 45mm 14g - 18g Lure

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Description of the Bantam BT Spin 45mm 14g - 18g Lure:

Shimano's BT Spin incorporates both the characteristics of a lipless and a spin-tail , it is a hybrid between the two, making it the most versatile lure of all time.

The tungsten internally weighted polycarbonate back blade on this lure is so light it can spin with the weight of the lure alone.

In the recovery, in addition to the movement of the head, he also oscillates his body. It is suitable both for vertical fishing and for long casts with linear recoveries to probe the different layers of water.

Usable both in calm waters and in rivers. It is very useful for fishing for perch , but also excellent for black bass and trout.

Specifications of the Bantam BT Spin 45mm 14g - 18g Lure:

  • Type: Sinking
  • Weight: 14gr and 18gr
  • Length: 45mm
  • Colours: 001 BLACK GOLD, 004 BABY GILL, 005 AME CLAW and 007 RED GOLD.

References 5VZRV45S00, 5VZRW45S03, 5VZRW45S04 and 5VZRW45S06.

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