Swimbait Shimano Bantam BT Sraptor // 182mm

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Bantam BT Sraptor Lure Description:

Shimano's BT Sraptor is a floating swimbait with lead in the belly area, so by adding weight you can adjust the buoyancy from floating to sinking.

It has a unique 'Escape swimming action' caused by the articulated construction and asymmetrical tail design. This action consists of the imitation of a grass fish that flees towards the surface away from predators.

With a normal slow retrieve, the BT Sraptor will have an S-Line slalom action , but with a quick snap retrieve and parry motion, you'll get the runaway action .

Bantam BT Sraptor Lure Specifications:

  • Type: Floating (adjustable to sunk)
  • Weight: 58 grams
  • Length: 182mm
  • Depth: 0 - 1

Reference 5VZR818S00.

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