Fiiish Snaps Perfect Link Staples // 5kg, 9kg, 16kg, 22kg

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Fiiish Snaps Perfect Link Description:

The Fiiish Perfect Link Staple is made in stainless steel with double closure system . They are compact, discreet and will offer us a better mobility of the lure.

They are used for light fishing with maximum safety, suitable for all scenarios and modalities of sport fishing: darting, rockfishing, spinning, jigging , eging ...

Its oval-shaped design allows better distribution of traction and always keeps it in the central axis of the staple.

Fiiish Snaps Perfect Link Features:

Size Endurance units
Light-S 11LB - 5KG 10
Medium-M 20LB - 9KG 10
Strong-L 35LB - 16KG 10
X-Strong-XL 48LB - 22KG 10

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