Señuelo Tai Rubber Pudlee Jet // 60g, 80g, 100g

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Tai Rubber Jet Lure Description:

The Tai Rubber Jet from Pudlee are revolutionary lures for vertical fishing at Tai Rubber in search of Brecas, Snappers, Dentex, Samas and often other species such as Serviolas, Doradas, Sargos, Chopas, Brotola, Redfish ... The Tai Rubber is a very effective fishing technique that wins fishermen on our coasts every day. It has the advantage of providing many catches of various sizes, plus these teams make us enjoy each piece.

Pudlee Jets are named for the innovative water inlet and outlet system through the lure head, which creates an outflow of water that agitates the Tai Rubber's skirts as it moves, creating a "bio" wave. in the water, which is reminiscent of the siphoning of a cephalopod and greatly encourages the bite of predators.

Tai Rubber Jet Lure Parts:

  • Some small silicone skirts that include the hooks and generate vibrations in the collection, managing to attract and provoke the bite. The hooks, small in size as in most of Tai Rubber, have an extraordinary sharpness and great resistance for their size.
  • A ball-shaped jig head that moves freely along the line. It is in this plumb head where the Pudlee incorporate the Jet system to generate the flow that creates the "biological" wave. It also has 2 eyes at the bottom to give it naturalness and on the sides it includes holographics to generate sparkles when collected. As the lead head goes free along the line, the fish does not feel pressure when biting and does not reject the lure, in addition to helping us feel the slightest touch on the lure. The asymmetrical shape of its head, in which its lower part concentrates most of the weight, gives it a stable support when it rests on the bottom and keeps the hooks away from it, avoiding most snags.
  • A plastic tubular piece or "pipe" that is placed through the lead head and is in charge of placing and maintaining the skirts in the precise area of ​​the jet that comes out of the head in which it will generate the greatest amount of vibration. It also prevents rubber entanglements and ensures a stable swimming position, even in high-speed retrievals.

Tai Rubber Jet Lure Features:

Available weights:

  • 100g
  • 80g
  • 60g

References: TRJ-0054, TRJ-0038, TRJ-0047 and TRJ-0046.

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