Saca Hilos Tailwalk Line Remover

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Tailwalk Line Remover Description:

Tailwalk makes it easier for us to remove the old thread from our reel with its small automatic line unwinder. An action that traditionally can take you half an hour, now it does so in a few seconds. The automatic winder is responsible for removing the used thread from the bobbin and stacking it to collect it.

You just have to insert the tip of the line to be removed through the corresponding hole and press the button.

  • Insert the end of the thread to be removed through the hole that indicates: Insert Li.
  • Press the red button and the thread will begin to slide out of the "Remove line" hole, emptying our bobbin
  • Pick up the piled up old thread and deposit it in the trash.

Tailwalk Line Remover Features:

  • Small in size, it is a very useful tool for removing old lines from our reels.
  • Ideal for nylon, fluorocarbon or polyester lines. Not suitable for braided lines
  • Withdraws 400 meters of line in one minute thanks to its large internal roller
  • Recommended diameters to use from 0.15mm (5lbs) to 0.47mm (36.5lbs
  • AA batteries not included.

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