Shad Hart TX Vinyl Set // 8cm, 10cm, 12.5cm



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Set Hart TX Lure Description:

Hart TX, Innovative ultra-soft vinyl shad with mobile Texas assembly. The texture of its body together with the inverted triangular shape of its head give it a super realistic movement. The wobbling produced by its powerful paddle tail together with the rolling that give it the sharp shape of the head and triangular cut body, even at slow retrieval speeds, make it an infallible lure for the elusive sea bass, even on those difficult days at sea. calm. The assembly with a specific Carolina hook for each size gives us the possibility of fishing even scratching the most tortuous bottoms, minimizing the hooking of the lure. With it mounted on our rod, success will be almost guaranteed... Presented in combos and loose bodies in 3 sizes.

Set Hart TX Lure Features :

Length Set
3 units
125mm 3 units

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