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Description of OKI JLC Vinyl:

we present to the new member of the JLC family of cephalopods, the OKI JLC® .

After the resounding success of our previous models, the OKI JLC® arrives to be a new referent inside the world of fishing .

Our intention is to bring to the market a lure REAL, LIGHT AND FAST , that makes the difference in terms of effectiveness and allow the enjoyment of the lovers of this type of samples.

Available in the weights 50g, 80g and 110g and in 4 colors : natural, pink sparkles, glitter red and fluorine pink with glow effect.

The body measure 123mm , this measurement being the same for all weights.

He mounting includes lead ass (in the chosen weight), body of OKI JLC® and main hook.

The JLC brand manufactures vinyl lures in an artisanal way. Introducing the newest member of the JLC cephalopod family: the OKI JLC®. After the resounding success of our previous models, the OKI JLC® arrives to be a new benchmark in the world of fishing.

The intention has been to launch a real, light and fast lure on the market that makes a difference in terms of effectiveness and allows maximum enjoyment for lovers of this type of sample.

It achieves the maximum resemblance to a choco, with fast movements and intense shine thanks to the system of fins and tentacles designed and studied meticulously. As a result of the above, this lure achieves greater hydrodynamics and with a smaller size than the Cuttlefish JLC, the fall to the bottom is faster and the retrieval is comfortable, soft and light.

It is a specific lure for vertical fishing (Jigging) , although it can also be used in trolling (Trolling) . After more than a year of tests, they have managed to capture an infinite number of species : sama, grouper, croaker, swordfish, tuna, black bocine, dentex, haddock, sea bass, amberjack... You will be able to capture both large species and smaller fish. , thanks to the attractive movement of its tentacles.

It is provided with a large main hook in the middle of the body with the option of mounting two assistant hooks hidden between the tentacles. Available in various weights and colors to suit the needs of any angler.

Characteristics of OKI JLC Vinyl:

  • Available weights: 50g, 80g and 110g
  • Available colors: Pink sparkles, Bright red, Natural and Fluorine pink

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