Xesta Shore Slow Jig Bee // 12g, 40g



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Xesta Shore Slow Jig Slow Bee Description

Xesta Shore Slow Jig Slow Bee is an innovative casting jig specialized in Shore Slow jigging. It has an asymmetrical teardrop shape that achieves a slow fall with marked lateral movements. This erratic movement, simulating the swimming of an injured prey, quickly attracts the attention of any nearby predator. The Xesta Slow Bee has double assist hooks at the back and single at the front to ensure the catch.

Characteristics of Xesta Shore Slow Jig Slow Bee :

  • Size: 6cm, 3.5cm
  • Weight: 40g, 12g
  • Available colors: 36 SH and 43 ZKB.
  • Quality holographic finishes.
  • Front assist hook: x1.
  • Rear Assist Hook: x2 / Triple

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