Xesta Slow Emotion Flap Jig // 100g



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Xesta Slow Emotion Flap 100g Color 08.BPS
 Xesta Slow Emotion Flap 100g Color 29.KPIW

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Description of Xesta Slow Emotion Flap

Xesta Slow Emotion Flap is one of the world's best selling jigs for slow pitch jerk jigging. Due to the weight of this jig, we will be able to fish at great depths in search of large predators such as dentex, grouper or amberjack. Their faces with drawings and asymmetrical shape cause a very attractive movement when falling, generating strong flashes, imitating a wounded prey, which quickly attracts the attention of predators.

Features of Xesta Slow Emotion Flap :

  • Size: 11cm
  • Weight: 100g
  • Colour: 08.BPS.
  • Jigs for slow pitch jerk and long fall
  • Phosphorescent finishes to make them visible in the dark.
  • Asymmetric jig faces

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