Señuelo Pajarita Tip Run Yamashita Egi Oh Search // 3.0, 3.5

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Description of EGI OH Tip Run SEARCH

The EGI OH TR Search range is equipped with the latest Yamashita technology, this is the highest-end model.

This bowtie features Warm Jacket technology, which causes the egi to warm the water around it by 0.5ºC to 2ºC, making it more detectable to cephalopods .

Features of EGI OH Tip Run SEARCH

  • Warm Jacket : Creates a small thermal difference and maintains the temperature in the water.
  • 490 Glow: 490nm Glow, the most attractive for squid and patented by Yamashita.
  • Hydro Fin TR: Special Glow fin in the shape of a cross, which gives it a lot of stability.
  • Hydro Sinker: The unique head design for a more stable swimming posture and rudder effect.
  • Hydro Body: Unique egi body design very different from conventional egis, to support the stability and feel of the Egi OH TR.
  • G Flash: Luminous zone that simulates the roe of a fish.
  • Search: Emits sound at 600Hz similar to that emitted by squids.
  • ecological lead
  • Size 3.0: Weight: 23g.
  • Size 3.5: Weight: 30g.

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