Señuelo Paseante Superficie Ykr Sanchesky // 90mm / 10g

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Description of the YKR SANCHESKY 90mm lure:

It is a surface lure whose main movements are very fast WTD and splashing at the same time as a "popper" in fishing action. It is totally silent since it lacks interior balls, increasing its effectiveness in scenarios with difficult or vicious fish. Available in Floating action with a weight of 10 grams . Designed to cast very long casts and work in both Freshwater and Saltwater . Spectacular finishes and holographs providing maximum imitation realism. In short, a lure with very technical swimming and casting with high fishing efficiency and high resistance to blows.

Characteristics of the YKR SANCHESKY 90mm lure:

  • Weight: 10gr
  • size 90mm

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